Cracking The Coding Interview

Chinmoy Mukherjee I am Chinmoy Mukherjee working in software industry for past 17 years in India, Canada, USA and Australia. I have written more than 100k lines of code, worked in 17 software projects as "Individual Contributor" in 12 companies(Motorola, HP, Infineon, Cisco, etc.). I have attended 20+ interviews and cleared 70% of the interviews. I hold few interesting patents "New Smartphone Design", "Locating Anonymous Objects", etc. I have published many international papers publication on mHealth, "Information Security ", etc. By writing this "Cracking The Coding Interview" book, I want to help 30+ million software developers to prepare for any "Coding Interview". This "Cracking The Coding Interview" book would definitely increase the chance of cracking any coding interview significantly. Sample "Cracking The Coding Interview" pdf can be downloaded from here. Do buy few books from the "Cracking The Coding Interview" series to help a fellow "Software Developer". Please feel free to connect me via LinkedIn. Happy Coding and Happier Job Hunting.

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